Drea Dominique – Catch Me If You Can

Meet Drea Dominique, multi-talented artist taking the world by storm. This singer, songwriter, model and businesswoman hails from Long Island, New York however, currently resides in San Diego, California. Throughout her time as an artist Drea Dominique has worked with many of the industry’s finest. 

From AC Burrell who produced her hit single “Catch My Wave featuring AD.” Which received over 120K views on Youtube and over 33K streams on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. To the sweet ballad, “Waiting featuring InkMonstarr” produced by keyboard artist Kevin Flournoy. All being a few from Drea Dominique’s forthcoming EP titled, “Drea’s Toy Box.” In a matter of months Drea Dominique has set the tone for 2021 with over 40.3K streams in 86 different countries. 

Aside from being a musician Drea Dominique is an entrepreneur, with her first beauty and fashion line “HeartSpace by Drea.” From custom-designed, T-shirts, hoodies, hats; and her “Drea Dominique” lashes and lipstick Line. Drea gives fans a fun, fashionable yet affordable catalog to select from. 

With her smooth R&B sound, colorful personality and alluring looks, Drea Dominique is well on her as an R&B sensation. Tune into her new song “Santa Baby” now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We had the pleasure of talking with Drea and discussing her passion as an artist and entrepreneur.

LR: Your song “Catch My Wave” has more than 120k views on YouTube and the streaming is ridiculously amazing. What was the motivation behind this song?

DD: Catch my wave is a dance song. The song is asking the men if they can keep up. Many want to approach but few can actually hang. So I’m asking, if I give you my energy will you know what to do with it. 

LR: Literally you hit the glass ceiling and shattered it by taking care of business. Singing, collaborating, modeling, acting and now a clothing line and beauty products. How do you juggle it all?

DD: As far as my line goes, it took me about a year to get everything ready to launch. The process felt like it would take forever, between creating the styles and finding the right fit. Also building my website and just getting all the pieces together. Now that it’s launched the hard part is finished, so it’s much easier to juggle everything else. The music consisted of me doing a lot of back and forth driving to LA and recording late nights. It’s safe to say I lost a lot of sleep recording this album. But it was well worth it. 

LR: What prompted you to add clothing and beauty products to your repertoire?

DD: I wanted to create a business for myself. Something concrete I can grow and generate generational wealth. I love lashes and lipstick so I figured why don’t I have my own. The clothing is for the fans. All my gear has pictures of myself on them. 

LR: OK I’m dying to know what it was like on Bad Girls Club? Please share a glimpse of your time on reality TV? What did you take away from that experience? How has it helped you in your entrepreneurship today?

DD:   Bad girls club was a double edge sword. I was so excited to be in Mexico on a tv show but the drama took away from the experience. I came in the house with the intention of linking up with the baddies of the house, having a good time, and showing what it means to be bad but in a bossy way. Unfortunately I was with girls who wanted to be in competition and felt like being bad meant being mean, so we clashed. If there was one thing I can say I took away from the experience, it would be, more of a backbone. I let a lot of disrespect slide before I finally stood my ground. And if I had to do it over, I would have popped off sooner. People take advantage when you try to play nice and keep the peace all the time. So it taught me you don’t always kill them with kindness. Sometimes people need to get checked. 

LR: You have a birthday right around the corner on February 19th. What big plans do you have in store for our readers?

DD: On February 18th I will be dropping my album Drea’s TOYBOX. I will also be doing a live event where people can join online. Ill be doing a listening party as well as performing. I’ll be dropping a link with the release flyer so everyone keeps an eye out for that, if you want to tune in. 

LR: Finally, what accomplishment do you admire the most in your career and/or life? Why?

DD: First I’m a mom. That’s the best thing I ever did. I’m really proud of myself for launching my brand and finally going after my dream of being an artist. A lot of people want to chase their dreams but never do. I’m happy I’m finally doing what I’ve always wanted. 

LR: Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s?
DD: A pretty woman who hustles is a boss. 

Connect with Drea on Instagram and shop her site now dreadominique

A Sista’s VDay Survival Guide

Ok Sis..dreaded VDay is on the way and some single ladies are in their feelings about being alone….again. Do not fret my pet! I have the ultimate survival guide for you right here ⏬⏬⏬

  1. Wake up, get dressed and go to breakfast at your favorite breakfast spot. Not a fan of going out yet..especially in the mornings; perfect, have breakfast delivered to you in your pj’s. I mean we love to be catered to anyway so this is a perfect compromise.
  2. Ban Social Media for the day or at least limit your intake of it. Sis, we already know what will bombard your timeline! We have no time for these shenanigans. They will have enough attention so you not giving them any of yours, won’t hurt a bit!
  3. Go ahead and buy yourself something that you’ve wanted for a long time. Listen…pay the mortgage/rent and utilities first. You can’t be ballin’ out and be homeless. That is not what’s hot. What is hot though is how you treated yourself and are enjoying every minute of it!
  4. Make dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant and enjoy a FANTABULOUS meal. Get dressed to the 9s! All eyes are on you Sis! Give the people what they want! You will not have this meal delivered. You know why? Because you’ve been waiting on this moment and it will be your time to SHINE like the STAR YOU ARE!
  5. Finally the night is winding down and it’s time to pamper yourself. Run a nice bubble bath, light some candles and turn on your favorite jams. Don’t forget that glass of wine or whatever you fancy. Enjoy loving on yourself! It’s time to put YOU FIRST!
  6. The rest of the night is yours to do whatever you want. Watch a good movie. Cuddle up on the couch with some popcorn. Read a book you never had the time to get to. Or simply just sleep! It’s YOUR time! Congratulations you survived Vday!

Whatever you decide to do, I’m wishing you a WONDERFULLY RELAXING VALENTINE’S DAY!

Precious Monét – She’ll Plan & Slay!

 Precious Monét, is an experienced and well-established business woman, who has mastered the art of planning and execution; which has been a huge asset to her journey thus far. She is on a mission to impact lives with her time and talents. Precious Monét is originally from NY, but has been an Atlanta, GA local since 2003. Throughout her educational journey, Precious prepared and planned for the success she has now, equipped with professional roots in event planning, project management along with her obtaining a BA in Administrative Management and completing her certification to become a certified Life Coach. 

Precious is proud of the authenticity her brand provides by connecting one-on-one with people, and especially connecting them with other useful professionals and resources. 

With Pre Planning Management, your vision becomes our mission. You Think it, Pre plan it!

LR: You are taking event planning to a whole new level by crossing all genres, business, fashion shows, charity events, personal events, etc. How did the concept of working across the board come into fruition?

PM: So, in general the concept of working in the event planning business has honestly been ingrained in me. I planned ALL the family events as a child. As I got older and began my career in the corporate world in different companies, I planned all company events. That’s why business event planning seems to come so naturally to me. It’s from experience. I then started to develop a passion for giving back, and that’s when I expanded into planning charity events and personal events. Fashion show planning then began to interest me because who doesn’t like fashion? Fashion events allow me to be the most creative. Every industry you see me expand into is a result of my past experience and a new interest or passion. 

LR: Your tagline is “You Think It, Preplan It” is truly a big task. There are others who aspire to venture into this line of business. What advice can you give them as it pertains to bringing the client’s vision to reality? 

PM: My advice is to do it! If you feel the urge to enter this industry, you are extremely organized, you think outside of the box, you adjust accordingly and calmly for the things that are out of your control, then I’d say you have what it takes to be a successful event planner. Go for it. 

LR: Life Coaching is one of your other gems! In a market that’s saturated with Life Coaches, what is it that makes your approach different and sustainable?

PM: The market is saturated, yes, but there is room for everyone. For most coaches, their personal experiences, individual lifestyles and unique lessons learned in life shape how they coach. Because of this, no two coaches are alike. My approach is different because my focus is different. I focus more on the accountability aspect of coaching. I want to coach my clients into learning how to hold themselves accountable. That’s why I am often told that being coached by me is like being coached by a drill sergeant! I can provide advice all day but what’s advice without action? 

PWH: One of your most recent project releases is the 2021 Planner. Give our viewers a sneak peek into what to expect when they purchase your planner?

LR: The 2021 Prioritize Your Purpose Planner is by far one of my favorite projects! To remain organized, productive and walking in purpose, planners are a must. Your purpose, time and energy all have to be prioritized. In Prioritize Your Purpose, you’ll find features such as monthly and yearly productivity worksheets, which you can use to gauge your productivity level and adjust where necessary. This is a game changer. The first productivity worksheet allows you to reflect on your favorite memories of 2020. Though it was a challenging year, it’s still important to reflect on your progress and use that information to make a game plan for 2021. You’ll also find an expense worksheet to help keep your finances intact, monthly motivational quotes to keep your mind in the right place, a marketing planner, which is extremely useful for my business owners and among other things, a notes section to keep all your thoughts in one place. This planner is an indispensable tool to help keep your life organized and stay motivated. You can purchase it here

LR: You are launching a platform for all Boss Women, Be Her Support Community. Tell us what that community will bring from one Boss Woman to all the Boss Women out there?

PM: This is another one of my favorite endeavors. In today’s world, women are breaking more barriers and leading in more industries than ever before. We are creating new lanes, building teams, curating strategies and making history in areas where women never received credit or recognition before. Be Her Support was created to be an essential tool for us women walking that journey, because we are and will always be stronger together. Be Her Support’s members have access to real insight, savings on events and courses, and our buddy systems, which are perfect for stress relief. It is my hope that members feel a sense of accountability and encouragement as they execute their plans. There will always be naysayers when women pursue big and powerful goals, but with Be Her Support, my goal is to provide a safe space for us. Join the community, love!

LR: Lastly, what can our readers expect from Precious Mone’t in the next 2 years?

PM: I will continue to expand my businesses and brands, impact lives with my time and talent and inspire one boss lady at a time, especially through the Be Her Support community. I see myself and my brands going global. 

LR: Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustles?

PM: A woman that is pretty on the inside and simultaneously on her grind to make an impact in her community. 

Symone’ Miller – Author & CEO

Symone’ Miller is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who specializes in adult psychotherapy, specifically with the geriatric population.  Symone’ completed her Bachelor of Social Work at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and graduated with a concentration in Children, Family, and Youth. She received her Masters of Social Service from Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research with focuses in Adult Development and Aging along with Children and Adolescents. Symone’ then went on to obtain a postgraduate certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 2014 and successfully completed Temple University’s Clinical Certificate Program in 2019. 

Symone’ is a member of the Pennsylvania Society for Clinical Social Workers (PSCSW) and the National Association of Black Social Workers (NABSW). As a clinical social worker, Symone’ is able to provide a unique perspective into psycho-social stressors while having a commitment to social change and equity. She is dedicated to incorporating families into treatment to begin a lifelong recovery process. Symoné is employed by a managed care insurance company which provides mental health and substance abuse services. She is also the owner and founder of Expanding Your Horizons, LLC which specializes in therapy and clinical supervision. Symone’ is the author of The Life & Legacy of Lear Green – a memoir about her Godmother that gives a chronological account of her Godmother’s life and legacy which has been featured in the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and has been nominated for Divine Legacy Publishing’s 2020 Best Memoir and Reader’s Choice awards as well as TCK Publishing Reader’s Choice Award.  In her spare time, Symone’ enjoys cooking, traveling and spending time with her family. 

I had the opportunity to sit down and discuss the passion and hustle behind Author Symone’ Miller and her brand:

LR: Symone’ you specialize in working with the geriatric population.  What prompted you to move your practice in this direction as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker?  

SM: As a child I have spent countless hours with my now 97 year old Godmother and her friends. Based on my experience with them I noticed that society has a misconception of older adults. Society paints older adults as frail people who are dependent upon others. Although that is the case for some older adults there are several who are living independently with active lives and my Godmother is the epitome of this. I enjoy working with the geriatric population because they are overlooked and oftentimes misunderstood. As a society I don’t believe we value the wisdom and strength of older adults so it is an honor to work with them. 

LR: Your book The Life & Legacy of Lear Green is a memoir in the honor of your Godmother. Tell us a little bit about the backstory as it pertains to writing her memoir. 

SM: When my Godmother was 95 years old it was discovered that she needed to have surgery due to her heart failure. Initially she was conflicted due to the medical complications associated with having surgery at her age. To be honest, I was scared at the idea of an unsuccessful surgery so I wanted to honor her while she was still here with me. I wanted her to be able to tell her story through me so that her legacy could always live on. 

LR: “The Life & Legacy of Lear Green” has been nominated for Divine Legacy Publishing’s 2020 Best Memoir and Reader’s Choice awards as well as TCK Publishing Reader’s Choice Award. The one word that comes to mind if I was nominated is surreal. How does it feel to have those nominations? What does it mean to you? 

SM: It is surreal to be nominated for these awards and I am still in awe that someone thought enough of The Life & Legacy of Lear Green to nominate it as it was written as a labor of life. I am grateful to be able to use my platform to honor my Godmother and shed light on the older adult population. The nominations also remind me that the world is still interested in our elderly and learning about their life story. 

LR: What attributes of your Godmother do you feel has had the greatest impact on you as a person, professional and author?

SM: Being raised during the Great Depression my Godmother has also shown me the value of money and how to be resourceful. Along with my mother, my Godmother has taught me to have a strong work ethic. I remember calling my Godmother while I was away at college complaining about the difficulties I was experiencing and she always told me was that good things don’t come easy. Throughout my life I have learned about my Godmother’s resiliency so I carry that with me as a person, professional and author. 

LR: You are also the CEO of Expanding Your Horizons, LLC. Congratulations on this! What does Expanding Horizons, LLC offer to the community? What was your passion behind it?

SM: Expanding Your Horizons, LLC was developed to offer therapy services and clinical supervision to the community in general but specifically to the Black community. Representation in our community can be slim when it comes to mental health services so I wanted to offer quality therapy services at a reasonable rate. It can be difficult finding a clinical supervisor who can relate to your experience in the field and help prepare you to be a clinician practicing independently while being black in sometimes predominantly white agencies. I am passionate about creating a safe space for people to manage their mental health and look forward to offering support groups and wellness opportunities in the future. 

LR: Finally, as a LCSW specializing in psychotherapy, you can hold on to a lot of other people’s energy. In your spare time you talk about traveling with your family. What is one place that you’ve traveled to that gave you the most tranquility and why? 

SM: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic was one of my most relaxing vacations. Being in another country I was able to disconnect, watch the sunrise and sunset and lay on the beach for hours with no agenda and eat until my heart was content. I like to take these kinds of vacations at least once a year for a minimum of a week so that I can reset and refuel my body to continue working to serving my community since I’ve learned that you cannot pour from an empty cup. 

LR: Bonus: What is your definition of a Pretty Woman Who Hustle’s?

SM: A Pretty Woman Who Hustles is a woman who carries herself with class, has the courage to take risks, creates business and networking opportunities, who supports other women and helps them reach their highest potential. 

Connect with Symone Miller online www.authorsymonemiller.com

2020 + WON Expectations

2021 came in with a vengeance and it’s no surprise that we all have expectations we are hoping for in 2020+WON! Unless you are on another planet, the most amazing thing happened on January 20, 2021….screaming loading! Yessss..we welcomed and elected the First Female as Vice President of the most powerful nation in the world…The United States of America…Vice President Kamala Harris!! Ladies….wear your shoes because glass is all over from the breaking of the glass ceiling!

We are breaking records all over Sis and your expectations will be given to you in 2020+WON! All the discouragement you encountered on your journey is NO MORE! All your endeavors will be blessed coming and going. Every expectation will be multiplied 10 fold! You’re winning Sis…so keep going as we applaud you on the runway of success!

Everything you hoped for will happen and today we declare in solidarity 2020+WON is YOUR YEAR! CLAIM IT…MANIFEST IT…EMPOWER IT…IT’S YOURS!! I SEE YOU SIS…KEEP WINNING! 👏👏


Photo by Emiliano Arano on Pexels.com

Millennial Mogul Candace Holyfield

Candace Holyfield is a millennial business mogul and spa extraordinaire who currently owns Six Figure Spa Chick, a marketing firm for spa/beauty professionals. Candace strives to exemplify excellence while educating, empowering and uplifting spa professionals across the globe.

The purpose of the Six Figure Spa Chick is to help over 500 spa professionals build, grow and launch their own successful businesses. Her achievements as a CEO of her personal spa Boss Tribe, author of the first Black Spa Magazine, creator of the first Black Spa Expo Awards, and motivational speaker, has inspired other business owners to strive for more success. Candace has secured a clientele base of over 15,000 spa professionals since she began her services in 2011 called “I Love Candy Spa Parties”. Her spa services include: massages, facials, lash extensions, body waxing, teeth whitening and v-steams.

Six Figure Spa Chick is designed to motivate other business owners to develop more wealth, building education, and refresher courses for spa professionals.

We had the privilege to sit down with the amazing Candace Holyfield and get to know the passion behind her brand.

LR: How did being a medical assistant prepare you for your current Boss Life?

CH: Being a medical assistant I was only 19 and fresh out of school. I didn’t know I would one day be my own boss. Being a medical assistant and working with a doctor taught me how not to treat my staff.

LR: You are coined the Millennial Business Mogul and Spa Extraordinaire. What advice do you have for other millennials who are trying to find their way not just in the spa business, but business in general?

CH: In business I suggest everyone to have your paperwork in order. Get your business legalized in the beginning. Be sure to run money in your business checking account and not personal in case you need a loan from the bank. Do these things in the beginning.

LR: Candy Spa parties sound like something edible. What can our readers expect when hosting a Candy Spa Party?

CH: Everyone always thought we set up candy stations. My name is Candace and when starting out in 2010 I did kids spa parties. I picked a name that would attract moms to book for their kids. We provide robes, all spa equipment, massages, facials, and nail services.

LR: Six Figure Spa Chick prides itself on moving spa professionals to the next level. What motivated you to take in the challenge for other spa professionals?

CH: It’s a huge lack of successful African American spa professionals. Many work for franchises or companies. Those who are independent struggle within their business. I mastered how to open and operate a multi six figure spa so I started teaching others.

LR: We are loving the Black Spa Awards! It’s very important that spa owners are recognized. Their jobs are very intense dealing with so many people. How did the Black Spa Awards come about?

CH: I love hosting the Black Spa Awards. I began doing this event in 2016 to recognize black spa professionals because we had no real spotlight.

LR: COVID has impacted quite a few spas. How have you been able to continue with your marketing business to assist them during such a trying time?

CH: During Covid our marketing efforts shifted heavily on retail and several esthetician’s did virtual consultations. Many spa owners who didn’t have a product quickly got one to survive during Covid. I hosted several webinars to educate on how to sell retail and how to get prepared for after the stay at home order was released.

LR: Your A to Z Marketing Guide hit bookshelves in 2019. Give our readers a sneak peek into what they can expect to get out of this book?

CH: My best selling book on Amazon is a short but impactful read with different marketing strategies for spa professionals. One strategy that is often looked over is getting on the news. This strategy creates traffic and money in bulk.

LR: Finally, you have many impressive accomplishments. What can we look forward to in 2021?

CH: 2021 I’m super excited to host my 3rd annual black Spa Expo in September.

Take a moment and connect with Candace Holyfield and “Six Figure Spa Chick” Online via her Facebook, Instagram, Website

Have you been Iced? Bringing The Philly Flavor to Vegas

Candese “Candi” born and raised in Philadelphia. Before relocating to Vegas she realized she was missing the summer time “Philly” flavor of sweet water ice and a soft pretzel plus the love for candy, Which created “Luxe Candy Ice.”

Luxe Candy ice is a high quality luxury Italian Ice made with iconic Philadelphia ingredients with a Vegas pop. This sweet treat is similar to sorbet. A rich, smooth and creamy combine with a bold fruit infused flavor topped with signature candy bringing taste buds to euphoria!

Luxe Candy Ice is a delicious blend made for all ages. Almost everyone can enjoy Luxe Candy Ice as we are vegan friendly. No diary, eggs or nuts products used.

The only question left to ask is …Have you been ICED by Luxe Candy Ice?

We had the opportunity to chat with the CEO candese about her passion and inspiration behind her brand

LR: As I was doing the research for this interview, I came across Luxe Candy Ice Instagram Page. I literally wanted to lick the screen! This looks amazing! What was the topping (pun intended) that made you come up with this tasty business idea?

 C: Luxe Candy Ice is bringing a Philly flavor with a Vegas twist.; Serving premium Italian ice infused with fresh fruit and paired with signature lip-smacking candy toppings bringing your taste buds to euphoria.  We are also vegan friendly.

LR:   You have been on quite a few platforms telling your story.  Women Who Lead Series was one of the most recent ones. Tell our readers what it is like to sit on a platform of other powerful women who are making a difference in the world? How has that experience transformed you, if at all?

 C: Telling my journey on such platforms has continued to empower and inspire my thinking outside the box. While, allowing me to remain true to my God giving talent of creativity providing smile and sunshine one cup at a time.

LR:    As a frontline worker, a nurse, first off, I want to say thank you for all you do.  Secondly, how do you balance it all with such a high demand of both your services during this critical time?  People need hope and both of your expertise bring that.

C: Honestly, Luxe Candy Ice has been my positive outlet during this time. I get my inspiration from creating and incorporating current culture with my love for sweet treat.  Luxe Candy Ice brings an experience, that caters to the family, corporate and friendship setting(s) .  

LR: Many businesses are feeling the pinch of COVID-19.  How have you navigated your way around the pandemic in order to stay afloat?

C: During this time who does not need a smile or sunshine? Because, Luxe Candy Ice caters to the family, corporate and friendship setting(s). We focus on covid-19 hands free delivery and covid-19 friendly event settings creating a stay safe and healthy experience that is sure to deliver a cup of laughter and happiness.

LR:  Finally, let’s talk about the Spiked Luxe Candy Ice. That was pure genius in Las Vegas for the adult crowds. It was the genius in that idea for me!  Let our readers know where they can find all the flavors of Luxe Candy Ice.

 C: You can find and follow us on all social media platforms. IG @luxecandyice FB: luxe candy ice and Twitter @ice_luxe.    Our Luxe Candy Spiked Ice is called our X-rated Menu, for up to date infused and regular menu visit our website www.luxecandyice.com

Kenniqua “NUK” Jones: Salon Extraordinare

Master hairstylist and serial entrepreneur, Kenniqua “Nuk” Jones, strives to impact, empower, lead and employ through her art and five thriving brands: Styles by Nuk ©, Salon 215 Elite, Ecyaj Hair Care, #Nuknation and DO IT SCARED. A Philly Native, Nuk’s career truly began when she resigned from her role in a fortune 500 company and used the money she saved to attend cosmetology school. In 2011, she earned her license.

Internalizing business and management lessons learned from working in corporate America, Nuk opened Salon 215 Elite, a hair salon specializing in natural hair care, and she’s had no reason to look back since. Based in Conyers, GA Salon 215 Elite is known to be the ultimate VIBE. With a glam squad of 17 beauty professionals specializing in silk presses, colors, cuts, lashes and more.

Putting her certifications and license to work, Nuk didn’t stop at Salon 215 Elite. She went on to create Ecyaj Hair Care and an e-planner titled, “Nooks with Nuk.”

We had the pleasure of asking a few questions to Nuk to discuss her entrepreneurial journey:

LR: You are coined a Serial Entrepreneur. Your track record clearly says the same. You have five brands that are thriving: Styles by Nuk, Salon 215 Elite, Ecyaj Hair Care, #NukNation and DO IT SCARED. What drives you? What does each entity bring to the table?

N: In short, I’m driven by helping others succeed! All five businesses empower women and entrepreneurs to be their highest selves. When I’m behind the chair growing hair as STYLES BY NUK©️, I’m giving women luxury haircare and confidence in themselves that they may not have had before. When I walk into Salon 215 Elite, I’m honored to say “good morning” to the 17 women I have employed. When I developed Ecyaj Hair Care, I had my daughter in mind, so that I could pass on a legacy to her, instead of material things. #Nuknation is my tribe on Instagram, and I’m grateful to be their fearless leader in branding and all things hair. DO IT SCARED reminds the everyday hustler that it’s okay to take a leap and be scared in business, just as long as you do it. 

LR: When you left a Fortune 500 Company working a traditional 9 to 5 to go out on your own, what was the scariest part of it? What advice can you give others who are in the contemplation stage of making that same move?

N: Honestly, there wasn’t anything scary about it for me. I had ALWAYS wanted to be a hairstylist for as long as I can remember. What was scary was entering a 9-5 to begin with! I knew that working for a company meant losing my freedom, time, and creativity, all in exchange for a guaranteed paycheck and benefits. Once I decided to quit and attend cosmetology school, my daughter was 2 years old, so I didn’t have time to be scared. My advice would be to never take a leap into entrepreneurship unless you are passionate about your craft and willing to struggle to get it. You have to want it so bad that failure isn’t even acknowledged. 

LR: Ecyaj is your haircare line. What makes this all the more special is that your daughter will be the owner once she is old enough. What prompted you to make this decision? Where can readers find your product line?

N: I never wanted to be that hairstylist that just did hair; nor did I want to be that mom that just made a lot of money and spoiled my child. I was taught young by my grandmom to earn my own money and appreciate the value of a dollar. I had to go to work with her after school, cleaning the homes and businesses of the wealthy, six days of the week. I wanted to switch gears and put my daughter to work young as well, but for her OWN. Our products are currently sold exclusively at Salon 215 Elite in Conyers, GA, on Instagram at @salon215elite and on our website at www.ecyajhaircare.com. We ship internationally. 

LR: You also authored an e-planner titled “Nooks with Nuk.” What makes this planner different from other planners on the market?

N: What’s different about this planner is that it focuses less on calendars, deadlines and dates, and more on goals, brand message, target audience, and collaborations. It also includes a Brand Checklist to ensure you have a secure plan to success, regardless of the type of business you have. It’s fun, interactive, and helpful for the entrepreneur who needs structure and organization. It’s meant to be printed annually and used daily for reference. It can be found at WWW.STYLESBYNUK.COM

LR: Finally, being a serial entrepreneur is a lot of work. How do you balance being a mother and running a phenomenal brand? 

N: Balance? What’s that?! If by balance you mean my house is spotless, dinner is cooked, and I frequent the spa, then no. But I’m glad I make it look easy!

Latoya Shambo: Changing The App Game

Black Girl Digital(BGD) is the leading digital marketing and social media management agency for Fortune 500 brands seeking multicultural influencers. Currently the preferred vendor for BET Viacom and substantial partnerships with VHI, State Farm, MTV, Sephora, Tailored Beauty, and more.

They’ve now created Influencer LINKR (iLINKR), a product of BGD, which is the solution to equity wage disparities for Black and multicultural women in the influencer marketing industry and a resource for brands and agencies seeking to amplify the unbridled voice of this demographic. 

We had the opportunity to speak with CEO Latoya Shambo about her amazing platform

LR: First, let’s talk about BGD. What inspired you to create BGD and how has it transformed the culture?

L: I originally created BGD to support Black Female Bloggers and help manage their Ad Operations. I worked at Complex for 7 years and wanted to create an Ad Network similar to it specifically for Black Women. Then the industry pivoted to Influencers and my bloggers became influencers so we made the pivot with the same mission – to help black women get paid for brand partnerships.

LR: iLINKR appears to be a game-changer across all industries. Give us a snapshot of how it works? What can consumers expect when using the app? 

L: For Influencers there is an app that they install (Android/IOS) where we send them campaign opportunities and manage the campaign activations from there.

We also, have a dashboard for Talent Agents where they can manage all of their influencer campaigns in one place.

As for the agencies and brands have an exclusive dashboard that allows them to approve/deny influencers, content, and watch the campaign go live in real-time.

LR: Just from watching television and even when you’re on social media, there is definitely not a vast presence of Black and Brown women showcased in Marketing. Why do you think that is?

L: Honestly, I think that sometimes we are an afterthought. The people who are writing these movies or creating mainstream products don’t think to include us from the jump. I can’t speak directly to the movie industry since I am not in that space. However, as it relates to major brands, the issue I have is that when they go to create ads they are not thinking inclusively. It’s somewhat changing now due to all the social injustice happening and brands being called out on social channels, but we have a long way to go.

LR: You held a digital launch event in November. What discussions resonated the most with your purpose? How did COVID play a role in how the event turned out if any?

L: I thought it was great and extremely timely. While in-person experiences are a good time, I think the virtual approach allowed us to stay focused.

Black Girl Digital helps elevate your brand’s message through the lens of the black female. Whether it’s through partnering with black female influencers, social storytelling, or audience amplification- They are there for you!

With their new product iLINKR they aim to build a simple sustainable solution for brands and agencies to execute longer brand partnerships with more influencers of color.

Connect with them online Black Girl Digital


We made it!! 2020 was a year of ups, downs, uncertainties, disappointment, shenanigans and shut downs but by the Grace of God..WE MADE IT! It was no easy task staying grounded and positive during the continuous turning points every single day that we heard about from the media. I’m here to let you know that if you are reading this right now WE MADE IT!

2020+WON is going to be an even better year for you sis! Let me tell you why! You persevered during a global pandemic. Everything you thought you wanted to do went into full beast mode. I saw this meme on social media that read “if 2020 didn’t bring out your hustle…you ain’t got it in you!” That was one of the realest posts all year! Every tear you cried. Every sleepless night. Every person that didn’t support you…allllll of it you will reap 10 fold in 2020+WON! This is winning season sis!

Sis, you were empowered and didn’t even understand that all of that would help you make it to all of this! Not only were you empowered, you empowered so many that watched you in silence. Yes…they are watching! Keep up the good fight and claim what’s rightfully yours! WE MADE IT!

Let’s go ahead and cheer on 2020+WON! THIS IS YOUR YEAR!

LR WILSON, Empowerment Coach


Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com